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Use of service:           
CommunityNET reserves the right to comply with all law enforcement agencies concerning illegal activities through the use of our services.  Including, but not limited to search warrants, subpoenas and court orders.  CommunityNET’s services may only be used for lawful purposes. It is strictly prohibited to transmit any material that is threatening or obscene, material protected by a trademark or copyright, or any material which violates state or federal laws.  CommunityNET is not responsible for any actions resulting from the customer’s misuse of our service.  This includes any attorney fees, liabilities or expenses.

CommunityNet is an Internet Service Provider (ISP). We provide the internet to your home or business. Computer issues such as, but not limited to, viruses, spyware, faulty or new hardware, or software conflicts are a computer repair issue and is something that we can fix at a rate of $60.00 per hour.

Resale of service prohibited:
Resale of CommunityNET’s direct IP connectivity to any other individual or organization is prohibited unless otherwise stated in writing by CommunityNET. The network connection that a customer receives from CommunityNET is strictly for private/commercial use. The customer is not permitted to resell or share the service with others.

From time to time CommunityNET may need to do required maintenance therefore, reserves the right to disconnect any dial-up connection that has been on-line for more than eight (8) hours of continuous use unattended.

Our Basic install ($96.91 includes tax) consists of us mounting a bracket on the outside of the home or business and running a maximum of 100 feet of cable around the outside of the home or business and drilling a hole in the wall closest to where the computer is located and bringing the cable in and connecting it to a computer or a router.
Installs requiring us to go into attics or crawl spaces or that are different then the above described basic install will charged an additional charge of $45.00/hr plus any parts used and tax on top of the basic install fee.

Personal email accounts may not be used for commercial purposes.  Spamming (mass email distribution) is strictly prohibited. Residential email accounts may only be used for non-commercial purposes.  Violation of this policy will result in the immediate termination of service and forfeiture of any outstanding prepaid service payments at the discretion of CommunityNET. Further, damages will be assessed at a rate of $60.00/hour for SPAM cleanup and/or customer complaints.

Payments are due on/around the 27th of every month.  If payment or arrangements are not made by the 27th  CommunityNET reserves the right to interrupt the customer’s service. CommunityNet will shut service off if an account is 2 months behind. We will also charge a reconnect fee of $25.00 plus tax to turn the service back on.  It is the responsibility of the customer to make payment arrangements in the event payment cannot be made on time.

Late notices are sent via USPS on or around the 15th of each month. Accounts that have not arranged for or made payment by the 27th of the month will be suspended on the last day of the month.  It is recommended that payment arrangements are made as soon as the customer determines the account will be delinquent.

CommunityNET will charge a reconnect fee if services were interrupted due to default in payment.  For service to be reconnected: all outstanding payments must be made, one month pre-payment, and the $25.00 plus tax re-connection fee. This reconnect fee may be waived solely at CommunityNET's discretion. CommunityNet will shut service off if a customer‘s account is 2 months behind.
Returned checks will be charged a $35 NSF fee in addition to any charges the customer incurs from their financial institution.

CommunityNET performs in good faith in resolving past due accounts often giving its customers the benefit of the doubt. In good faith we may chose to NOT terminate service while waiting for payment. It is the responsibility of the customer to make immediate payment arrangements. If payment is not received within 30 days from date of default, then CommunityNET will attempt to collect the debt using any means necessary, including, but not limited to referral to a Collection Agency or filing a claim in small claims court. If a claim cannot be resolved in a reasonable manner, the customer may be responsible to pay all costs of collection, court costs, and reasonable attorney’s fees, if necessary.

Use of service without payment is considered theft of service. Unsuccessful collection attempts may be referred to the authorities for criminal prosecution.

Cancellation of service:
The customer may cancel his/her service with CommunityNET at anytime, depending on the length of the contract signed by the customer. The customer is entitled to a refund of payment under the following conditions. Cancellations can only be made by the person whose name appears on the bill.  No requests for cancellations will be accepted through voice mail. Requests will only be accepted through email (, phone call or in person. No partial month or pro-rated refunds will be made. (Example: If termination is requested with 2 months and 3 weeks of service remaining on the term, only two months of service will be refunded).  If a customer received a rate discount for long term service and then cancels before that term expires, the discounted rate will be null and void and the customer's charged rate will revert to the standard month-to-month rate in effect at the time of account initiation. In this case, the customer's refund will consist of the difference between his/her term payment and the number of months and/or partial months of use times the effective month-to-month rate. Customers paying on a monthly basis will receive no refund, instead, service will be continued until the next scheduled payment date, at which time the account will be automatically terminated. Any promotion for free service offered to customers who sign up for long term accounts will be null and void if the service is canceled before the term expires. Therefore, any free service used for promotion is applied at the end of the term, not the beginning.  

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