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11/25/09 - CommunityNet's online bill pay is now active. To pay your bill online, click here.


4/13/09 - Due to a severed Fiber Optic line on the PUD's network, the Jackass Butte wireless tower was temporarily down.

4/10/09 - CommunityNet has partnered with Network Solutions to provide it's customers with a
more reliable email service. About 3 weeks or so ago, we received notice that the company that had been using to host our Email services was purchased by another company. In the beginning it seemed that this may be a good thing, as we were not entirely happy with the company that we had previously been using, however as time progressed, thier service and the changes that we were required to make quickly became unacceptable to us. So, after some discussion and some quick research, we chose Network Solutions as our new Email hosting company. We made this decision based on the facts that: we currently do business with them for other services, they have been in business for quite some time, and they have a good reputation. Also, the settings required for thier email service, would require minimal change to our customers computers. We believe that this was a good choice on our part

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