Click here or click the webmail button to login to your webmail account. Your username will be the first part of you email address. Example ( would have a username of 'sample'. Use your existing password. If you do not know your current password, contact us and we will reset your password for you.
To access the options area that allows you to change your password, click on the 'configuration' button located in the lower left of your screen, similar to what's shown to the left of this text. This will take you to the 'options' menu.
Now that you are in the options menu, click the 'password' option in the options menu, as shown to the right of this text.
Now enter your current password, or the temporary password we have given you in the 'old password' field. Then enter your new password, which must be at least 8 characters, in the new password field, and then re-enter your new password again as verification in the 're-enter new password' field. After you have finished this, click the 'save' button to save your changes.

You may now logout of your webmail

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